Thursday, May 15, 2014

POST# 621 The Fantasy Gacha New Mesh Fantasy Helmets & Chainmail Tunic with Arrow Attack Hud From !APHORISM! ~ Soho Market New Tattoo From Speakeasy :: ~ New Shape From Fa Tru ~ New Skin From NIVARO

Helmets By !APHORISM! / Fantasy Helmets { Find them all at The Fantasy Gacha }

!APHORISM! The Black Pagan - RARE~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! The Masked Hun - RARE~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! The Winged Viking Gold - RARE~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! Pagan Skull Dark (Common)~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! Helmet Hun Red (Common)~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! Hun Helmet Blue (Common)~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! Hun Helmet Pale (Common)~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! Pagan Skull Pale (Common)~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! Viking Helmet Bronze (Common)~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! Viking Helmet Grey (Common)~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

!APHORISM! Viking Helmet Red (Common) ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Hand By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) - L Hand - Relax ~*MESH*~

Hand By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) - R Hand - Gesture ~*MESH*~

Feet By Slink - Male Feet (AvEnhance) - Flat ~*MESH*~

Skin BY  - NIVARO - - Rupert Skin - lighttone - nohair_clean ~*NEW*~ 

Shape From Fa Tru - Outlaw Shape - Style Card / Brows Shape ~*NEW*~ 

Hair By Dura - **Dura-Boy**05(Black)

Hair Base By Unorthodox - Jhene Hair Base

Face Tattoo by ::Axix:: - Morpheus Tattoo 1 { Find it at The Fantasy Gacha }  ~*NEW*~ 

Beard - Speakeasy :: -  Hyper Facial Hair

Tattoo By Speakeasy :: - Pleed Plague Tattoo [ Find it at Soho Market ] ~*NEW*~

Dogtag By MANDALA - Kamayara_Dogtag_Necklace_Silver UNISEX ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Chainmail Tunic By !APHORISM! - Chainmail Tunic - Silver - M - MALE RARE [ come with a Arrow Attack Hud ] { Find them all at The Fantasy Gacha } ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Jeans By !APHORISM! - Bootcut Jeans Black ~*NEW*~ 


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