Thursday, January 31, 2013

POST# 302 New Mesh Male Hair Jacket Baggy Shoes & New Skin and Beards

Beard By Unorthodox - *New* Full beard 4

Brard By UNORTHODOX -  *New*  Half Goatee 2 

Hair - Unorthodox*New* *Mesh*  Steelo Dreads Black 

Skin By NIVARO*New*  Emerson Skin - ghosttone

Baggy By [BuFu]*New* *Mesh* Unisex Baggy Wider Swag / Black

Jacket By swaggy  - *New* *Mesh* jacket black fuck

Shies By Swaggy - *New* *Mesh*  sneakers Blackgrey

POST# 301

Hair By Unorthodox - *New* * Mesh*  Steelo Dreads Blonde

Skin By  (red)sand*New* DAMON LIGHT

Shirt & Tee By .:SS:.  - *New* * Mesh*  Mens Mesh Open Button Down & Tee - Black White Plaid

Jeans By ..:: OPOPOP //  -   *New* * Mesh* Jango in Grey // Mesh Jean's VM ::..

Shoes By DECO - *New* * Mesh*  Hurricane Bolt  (orange)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

POST# -->> 300 <<-- New Mesh Bandana Jeans Jacket Boots Tattoo Hair Skin

Hair By Unorthodox - *New* long braids black

Beard By Unorthodox - *New* Full beard

Skin By (red)sand - *New* The Gambler sun spray

Bandana By [Avoid] - *New* *MESH* Bandana - Black

Jacket By BlankLIne*New* *MESH*   007Jacket_M_S_CamoBeige

Jeans By  DECO - *New* *MESH*  His Jeans  (light)

Jeans By [Sleepy Bozer]  - *New*  Authentic

Boots By JILROXY - *MESH*  TifunBootsMaleBlack

Monday, January 28, 2013

POST# 299 Sale Item New Mesh Valentine's Day Shirt JUst 50L

Shirt By [Avoid] - *New* * Mesh*   Geekazoid -Vday  On Sale NOW For just 50L

Tattoo By [Sleepy Bozer]*New* Ocean Moon

Skin By *KENTO* -  Preston_T1with Intense Eyes - Light Blue

Hair By [Atro Patena] - Cleon Black Finf it at fi*Friday 

Jeans By ..:: OPOPOP // -   * Mesh*  Jango in Black // Mesh Jean's VM ::..

Shies By Kapone - chuck leather

POST# 298 All New Mesh Hair Beard Vest Pants Boots Tattoo Skin

Hair By Unorthodox - *New* *Mesh*  Steelo Dreads Brown 

Beard By Unorthodox*New* Full beard 4

Vest By DECO - *New* *Mesh*  Camp Vest (gravel)

Pants By DECO - *New* *Mesh*  Camp Fatigues (gravel)

Boots By DECO - *New* *Mesh*  Camp Boots  (gravel)

Skin By NIVARO*New*  Vasean Skin  creamtone stubble

Tattoo By [Sleepy Bozer] *New*  Ocean Moon


POST# 297

Hair By UNORTHODOX - *New* Curly Fro 2 [m] 

Beard By Unorthodox*New* Full beard 4

Shirt By [Avoid]*New* *Mesh*  Geekazoid - / 1

Jeand By ..:: OPOPOP //  -  *Mesh*  Jango in Black // Mesh Jean's VM ::..

Tattoo By [Sleepy Bozer] -  Shibby Tattoo

Friday, January 25, 2013

POST# 296

Facial Hair By ::Fe Style::  - *New* Facial Hair - 3ED - 8 Find it at the fi*Friday Sale Room

Skin By (red)sand - *New* The Gambler _naturel


Jeans By Xplosion  - *Mesh* *X*Raw MEN Mesh Jeans (CaptnAmex)

Boots By .:L&B:. - Slouch Engineer Boot & Shoe Set :Smooth Black


POST# 295 Fifty Linden Friday Sale New Mesh Jeans BY DECO

Skin By (red)sand - *New*   The Gambler  naturel

Beard By Unorthodox*New*  Full beard 4

Coat By DECO*New* *MESH* His Peacemaker Duster large rolled (leatherred)

Jeans By DECO - *New* *MESH* His Jeans large (dark) on Sale just 50L

Boots By Swaggy*New* *MESH* LEather  Boots   (Black)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

POST# 294

Hair By Unorthodox - *New* * Mesh*  Steelo Dreads White 

Skin By . : VyC : .  - *New*  GABRIEL Skin

Jeans By .:InkMe:. - Skinny Jeans Dark Grey Finf it on marketplace

Tattoo By [Sleepy Bozer]  -  *New*  Authentic

Jacket By bt. - *New* * Mesh*  herringbone trench - moon

BootS By J's*New* * Mesh* Studded Long boots (Black)


POST# 293

Skin By *KENTO* - Preston_T1(Teeth) With Intense Eyes - Light Blue

Tattoo By [Sleepy Bozer] - *New* Ocean Moon

Hoodie By --[[FAME]]-- - *New* *Mesh* Blk-MESH_Mens_Hoodie Find it on marketplace

Pants By .:InkMe:.  - *New* *Mesh*  Baggy Pants Creme Find it on marketplace

Glasses by Adjunct - *New* Browline Readers - Black

Cap By [UnderDogs]*New* *Mesh*  SnapBack - Dope Black - Brim Down

Boots By --[[FAME]]-- - *New* *Mesh* BrwnV1Mesh_UnisexLowTop Boots Find it on marketplace

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

POST# 291 NEW Tatto By [Sleepy Bozer]

Hair By Unorthodox - *New* *Mesh* Steelo Dreads Black
100% Rigged mesh
8 Available colors for you to completely go ham with
for men women and kids

Skin By NIVARO*New* Vasean Skin - creamtone

Beard By ::Fe Style:: - Facial Hair/Beard 2Ed - 01

Tattoo By [Sleepy Bozer] - *New* Ocean Moon

Shirt By ::Fe Style:: - *New* *Mesh*  Black Denim - Open Shirt W/Under T-shirt Find it at fi*Friday

Jeans By ..:: OPOPOP //*New* *Mesh* Jango in Black // Mesh Jean's VM ::..


Monday, January 21, 2013

POST# 290

beard By Unorthodox*New*  Full beard 4
Cap By [Avoid]*New*  *Mesh* Brim Cap v2 [Elle] - Colorblock Red
Skin By (red)sand - *New* The Gambler sun spray
OutFit By Kapone - *New* red white Mesh OUTFIT / Clothes & shoes
Grillz By ::So OfficialMesh Grillz:: Solid gold

POST# 289

Hair By Unorthodox - *NEW* *MESH* Steelo Dreads black 

Skin By NIVARO - *NEW* Vasean Skin - summertone - stubble

Pants By [UnderDogs]*NEW* *MESH* Unisex Baggy Sweat Pants - Purple

Tattoo By [Sleepy Bozer] - Insomnia

Sunday, January 20, 2013

POST# 288

Hair By UNORTHODOX - *NEW* Curly Fro 2 [m]
Jacket By Kapone*NEW* *MESH* Jacket goldblackwhite
Pants By !gO!*NEW* *MESH*  Mads Pants blue-white
Poses By :: Focus Poses :: - Street Man

Designers & Bloggers Needed For Up-Coming Sales Room



            BLOGGERS IM OR NOTECARD - LoganStone McMasters

Also if your interested as well we have stores for rent ..

POST# 287 NEW MESH Hair Steelo Dreads Black By Unorthodox

Hair By Unorthodox - *NEW* *Mesh* Steelo Dreads Black 

Beard By Unorthodox - *NEW*  Full Beard 4

Skin By (red)sand - *New* The Gambler naturel

 OutFit  :::****TCHIKY****:::::*NEW* *Mesh* Oufti urban men 3

Shoes By [BuFu]*NEW* *Mesh*  Shoe Swag V2 / 

Friday, January 18, 2013

POST# 286

Cap By [Avoid] - *New* *Mesh* - Sideway Fitted - LE Anchor 
Skin By NIVARO*New*  Vasean Skin - creamtone
Shirt By ::Fe Style:: - *New* *Mesh* Gray Denim - Open Shirt W/Under T-shirt you can find this at fi*Fridays Sale Room
Hair By Unorthodox -  *New* Carter hair (blonde)
Facia Hair BY Unorthodox*New* Half Goatee 2 (Facia Hair)
Beard By Unorthodox*New* Full beard 4
Jeans By .:InkMe:. - *New* *Mesh* Skinny Jeans Dark Grey Find it on marketplace
Tatto By [Sleepy Bozer] - Never Summer
Shoes By [Z3] - Blazer Dark Dayze