Sunday, May 4, 2014

POST# 617 Menswear Fashion Week New Mesh Exclusive NY Shirt & Pants From IMaGE Factory ~ New Mesh Cigarette From [NikotiN] ~ New Tattoo From [Ner .Ink] ~ New Skin,Shape,Eyes,scar,Beard From Aeros

Skin ~ Shape ~ Eyes ~ scar :: cheek staples ~ Beard :: slashed chinstrap By Aeros
~ >> Aeros Avatar Teghran << 2014a ~*NEW*~
6 skins ~ 2 eye Brows ~ 4 beards ~ 2 Hair Bases ~ 5 Shapes ~ 3 sets of eyes ~ 1 kohl eyeliner

Hans By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance)   L Hand  - Gesture ~*MESH*~

Hands By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance)   R Hand  - OnHip ~*MESH*~

Cigarette By [NikotiN] - Cigarette_ Bills  ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Tattoo By [Ner .Ink] - Tattoo On The Face Of Adversity ~*NEW*~ 

Bracelet's By * S O R G O - SkullBracelet.BLACK/SILVER ~*MESH*~

Bracelet By Vexiin - Verse Bracelet  ~*MESH*~

Sunglasses By Legal Insanity - Shane Sunglasses - black/red ~*MESH*~

Shirt By IMaGE Factory - MWFW Exclusive NY Shirt {Find it at Menswear Fashion Week } ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Pants By IMaGE Factory - Men's  Twill Pants {Find it at Menswear Fashion Week } ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~


MWFW 2014 Schedule

For More info & Link's

FRIDAY April 25th, 2014
11am-12pm SL Gabriel @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
12-2pm SL  Live Radio MWFW 2014 Opening Party
2-3pm SL Akeruka @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Grand Central Station Fashion Show
SATURDAY April 26th, 2014
11am-12pm SL Chic Zafari @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
2-3pm SL E-Clipse Designs, Champagne Sparkling Fashion, Dot-Be,  Madrid Solo, Contraption Group Show
6-7pm SL Rfyre @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
SUNDAY April 27th, 2014
11am-12pm SL Zed Sensations @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
2-3pm SL INNUENDO at MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Aitui, 69 Park Ave, Costa Creations, G&D The Italian Store, JFL Men's Hats, Dynasty  Group Show
MONDAY April 28th, 2014
11am-12pm SL Vitamen, White Widow, Riaxik, HOTDIVE, Zibska, Stone by Phe, Amacci Group Show
2-3pm SL Xiaj @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Central Park Fashion Show
TUESDAY April 29th, 2014
11am-12pm Blvck Anchor @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
2-3pm SL Clef De Peau @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
WEDNESAY April 30th, 2014
11am-12pm SL Wall Street Fashion Show
2-3pm SL iLLMATIC, UNORTHODOX, Akeyo, Feel, !Bravura Homme, J&A Rock Culture Group Show
6-7pm SL Peka's Design @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
FRIDAY May 2nd, 2014
11am-12pm SL Pure Poison @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
2-3pm SL Countdown @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Image Factory @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
SATURDAY May 3rd, 2014
11am-12pm SL Faster Pussycat/Velvet Elvis @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
12-2pm SL ModeLS Magazine Closing Party
2-3pm SL *just BECAUSE*,Zanze, SORGO, Atelier m+, Cashmere & Keane, Jeepers Creepers, SF Designs Group Show
6-7pm SL Broadway Baby Fashion Show

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