Monday, April 30, 2012

FREE MESH T-shirt by BuFu

Hat by DFF = free on a letter Chair                                                                                              T-shirt by BuFu = free in the group Notices MESH T-shirt Realistic / Panther Bling the group is free to join

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012


BMC COMPLETE  OUTFIT UNISEX by BMC = Midnight Mania gift shoes White socks Black grey shorts & Jogging ben & jogging Halph Ben and Black grey Shirt

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FACE TATTOO by  GLUE INK = Mafia Latro Face TaT just $L50                                                   Pants by  LooP  = Brams Pants V2 black male group gift the group is free to join                        Shirt by Poison =  Pa-que shirt red male free on a mm  board

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Suit by  hoorenbeek =  SPECIAL OFFER L$600 New Mesh Pinstripe Suit - Black & White Mesh Dressing Shirts with Ties 9 tie colors

Friday, April 20, 2012


Towel by MOHNA LISA COUTURE = free is a group gift  mens Fluffy Towel MESH the group is free to join go up to find the gift bag

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Blazer by Kauna = not free  Blazer Black Mesh is 249$L                                                                   Vneck by SHIKI  = free group gift Vneck Argyle Sweater MONOTONE the group is free to join

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Group Gift MESH Dreep baggy pants and Narcissus' Room NEW things

pants by  7Style  = free group gift   Dreep baggy pants  mesh  the group is free to join wear the tag in just touch the Dreep baggy pants group gift board                                                    Hair by  7Style AiMglory = not free Damian black new at Narcissus' Room just 80$L for the back hair                                                Skin by FRUK = not free Lennon Subzero skin just 90$L at Narcissus' Room                                                  Shoes by DEF! = not free  Sneakers/Corona/Hi/Black just 90$L at Narcissus' Room to many good things

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FREE SKIN at Niekra's Dream

Skin by Niekra's Dream = Group Gift Troll Skin  Male the group is free to join you will find the skin on the wall and the group joiner there is will

EYE'S A GIFT'S FROM Insufferable Dastard

EYE'S by  Insufferable Dastard = free is a gift  Gem Eyes in Sunset regular & prim eyes 1 prim base  and thank you eyes 1 pair regular eyes 1 pair prim eyes 2 prim bases  2 types prim shine

Bay City Fashion Week 2012 RETRO GIFT'S

Shit by artilleri = free Bowling shirt diamond shapes  in a box you can't miss it                           sunglasses by sf design = free classic sunglasses come in 8 colour's box on the Table u can't miss it

Sunday, April 15, 2012

MESH SHOES FREE over at Python on Lucky Letter boards

Shoes by Python = Free on a lucky letter board's mesh shoes Flyman I Red & StarDust Red  & StarDust Black & StarDust Pink & MetroFlying Purple & Flyman II Green & Flyman I Blue                                                     Belt by Pepper =Group gift 30$L to join the group Brass Knuckle Belt - WHITE

Hawkesworth Outfit - Brown free gift

Outfit by BlakOpal = FREE Hawkesworth Outfit - Brown in a gift Bag is you go in the shop you can't miss it and a big thanks to Juliet Broono for helping me find this

Saturday, April 14, 2012

MESH SUIT SALE at hoorenbeek this weekend

Suit by hoorenbeek = not free on sale for 200$L Mesh Suit - Blue sale is just for this weekend                                          Shirt by hoorenbeek = not free on slae 200$L   Mesh Dressing Shirts with Ties - Pink  sale is just for this weekend

Friday, April 13, 2012


pants by I ALEIDA I =  group gift Cafu baggy mesh pants the group is free to join you will find the gift in a bag  at the groupgift zone                                                   Hoodie by Awesome = free is a group gift Mesh Hoodie the group is free to join                           Sunglasses by Salon de GLOW  = free on a lucky board Sunglasses 02   saybar  CL


SKIN by TELLAQ = FREE in the tellaq group Dani Skin IS A (Group Promo) THE  group is free to join you can join the group here                                           T-Shirt & Jeans by  :JSC: = free T-Shirt Grey &  Logan Jeans free is a group gift  the group is free to join the gift is on the wall is you come in the shop a big thanks to Snugglebutt for helping me find it                                                                

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Davinel Leather pants Free on a mm board

pants by Davinel = free on a mm board Leather pants at the time i'm posting this the board is at 35/55                                    shirt by Mr.Poet = not free shirt Gray part of the Peacoat and Pleated shirt Vest set Black                                                          shoes by KALNINS  = not free Terra comes in 11 colors just 250 $L

FREE black hair group gift & FREE Brown hair letter board and a FREE outfit letter board

HAIR by ZEUS Hair&Other = FREE GROUP GIFT Brown comes in  5 colors the group is free to join  Black hair comes in  5 colors  free on a lucky letter board                                                               outfit by Delirium Style =  free on a lucky letter board Pokie  Sweater Baggy Pants                                       SKIN by  BIRTH = not free  Fang Skin

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

dDx HAIR 10$L is a HUNT Gift

HAIR by Discord Designs = - just 10$L is a hunt gift you will bee looking for a brain hint [ look high ] dDx- hair comes in 6 colors  Raven Black & Berry & Sunbleached & Eggplant & Olive & Pecan and there Hairbase's   100% of the proceeds going to the American Brain Tumor Association  American association that fights against brain tumors


HOOFS by HOOFS AND HORNS DESIGN = FREE on a MM board  SPIKED HOOFS BLACK the target is just 60 for the board            SKIN  by  Sinful Needs = NOT FREE Half-Demon - Gluttony                                                      HAT by SEY = NOT FREE  Transer  Jet Black

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1$L Orange HAIR & GROUP GIFT'S Longknit & Leggings AND FREE SHOES

Hair by (red)Mint = Orange hair 1$L on marketplace                                                                                                                               shirt by [LV] =free  Longknit it's a group gift you will find it in a lil bear the group is free to join                       pants by [LV] =  Leggings let the shop rezz you will find them by the Leggings tag group gift 3 u cant miss it the group is free to join                                                                                                        shoes by [IHS] In Her Shoes = free Sneakers Autumn Orange

Western Look

boots by J's MainShop = not free WesternBoots                                                       hat & hair by sf design = not free macaroni hat with hair                                                              vest & dress shirt  collar & tie  by sf design = not free virginian set includes vest shirt pants and hat not showing in the picture i did


HAT  BELT GLOVES KEFIAH by ILLUSION = free just join the group in touch the gift bugs WINTER HAT & DARK BELT & DARK GLOVES & DARK KEFIAH the group is free to join and a big thanks to Juliet Broono for helping me find it   PANTS by FITCH = not free just 10$L [F] FU*K PANTS!                                                Dance Cubes by FITCH = not free  dance cubes home deition 4 dances per cube copy / mod its just 50$L and the dance cubes 7 prims copy only 16 dances its just 100$L and a big thanks to Snugglebutt for helping me find his shop there you will find alot of freebie's  some very nice skins you will find them on the wall in all over his shop is you come in the shop you will see a pink box that will give you lm's to more shop's that have freebies and nice gifts

Monday, April 9, 2012

FREE Winter Trapper Hat a Gift from {K}Rea

Hat by {K}Rea  = Winter Trapper Hat is you go in the shop you will see the hat it's set 0$L just buy it

FREE zoot suit at Naughty N Nice a gift in the Noir Nights Hunt

zoot suit by Naughty N Nice = free in the  Noir Nights Hunt zoot comes with  shirt pants all collars & cuff's and the hat.... hint  Find the customer fave and you’ll find a treat!.. you will need to look for it your looking for a red martini glass                                         Noir Nights Hunt  blog here you can find all the lm's and hints for this hunt

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Runway Perfect Hunt here are some of the gifts you will find for guys

The Runway Perfect Hunt a fun hunt  in best of all very nice things here there blog there you will find all the hints and lm's  i love that they tell you if the gift is male or Female or Unisex this is just some of the gifts in the hunt

Sexy Bunny outfit for Guys FREE Subscribe gift by Evaki

outfit by Evaki  = FREE Sexy Bunny come what  Leather Pants & Vest & Dress Shoe White/Black & Tail and bunny ears all you do is  just subscribe and you get the gift              

FRUK SKIN & shape on sale over by THE MENS DEPT

SKIN & shape & Beard by FRUK Knox skin shade 3 its 150$L  the shape Fruk Luke Shape 90$L comes Modable but i don't need to it looks super just got it is  and the The Stinger Beard  is 75$L comes in to colors black & brown you will find all 3 over by THE MENS DEPT one of the best looking skins in shapes i'v seen and thin  for the price you can't beat and win you get at  THE MENS DEPT  take your time in look around they got some of the best things to wear and to fix a outfit up

Friday, April 6, 2012

E U P H O R I A 50L$ Hair & Jacket and more SALE'S and L&B new BOOTS

jacket by Gabriel = Military jacket [redbrown] just 50$L for this Military Style Jacket just look for the pink sale bag                                                              Hair by [Atro Patena] = just 50L$ Victor hair comes in 8 colors  look for the pink sale bag i love the texture of this hair very good work                                     boots by Lapointe & Bastchild not free Engineer Boot & Shoe Set's  comes in 8 colors fatpack just 1,099L$ the boots from L&B or some of the best in sl and can help any one look there best

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt for boots & Lucky Dip for a Biker belt and more

Easter Egg Hunt over  by MayCreations Mainstore = it's a free hunt all u do is Touch the hunt board to get the basket wear it and go hunting for eggs find and click all 12 eggs the board will tell u how to do the hunt and if you need help touch the bunny THE GIFT is the bad ass BOOTS i have on the eggs or out so get your basket in  go hunting                                                     Belt by MayCreations Mainstore = Lucky Dip gift Belt i don't no i don't know what say about this belt it looks so good and the belt goes what just about any thing i wear comes in 2 colors black & brown 2 sizes s women & L for men if you been looking for a very good belt that you can wear in look good  take a dip                                                                                         jacket by  >>>Poison<<< = free on mm board Rising sun jacket red unisex  very good jacket if your a sl biker and  they did a good job on this jacket                                                            jeans by sf design = not free  leather jeans it come in low rise & open to sf design leather pants or some of the best i love them

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

GROUP GIFT Sweater Charcoal & Skinny Jeans Blue/Black

Sweater & Jeans by Shey Fashion =  group gift  Sweater Charcoal & Skinny Jeans Cuff's Blue/Black  & Leather Belt Black the group is free to join                                                        BOOTS  by [ hoorenbeek ] = NOT FREE  Riding Boots Black/Tan

Monday, April 2, 2012

sf design mesh cricket sweater 25L$ shoes sale Kalnins 50% off and butterfly wings to help you look better

sweater by sf design = not free mesh cricket sweater - mens just 25L$ on there monday mania board                                                 Pants by sf design =  not free comes in a outfit   autumn tweed grey                                                Shoes by Kalnins  = not free Crossyard shoes on sale now for just 250L$                           shop The Never Ending Story = all the butterfly wings or just 125L$  (fp map & texture inside) and the  Angel Wings  w  golden feathers  sculpts (fp map & texture inside) just 175L$ they help make a outfit look way better the Flower Vase in back of me or just 50L$ the Zircon Gems texture just 13L$ fat pack 70L$ i don't work  for any shops i just like to post about shops that or not high and sell nice things this is one


skin by TELLAQ = Free on a mm board skin name Chris Skin                                blazer by sf design = not free blazer black Jacket plain                                                  Sweater by The Death = not free Black Soul Sweater

Sunday, April 1, 2012

FBI Hat & Camo Hoodie 1L$ FREE Saddle Pants

HAT by [VOID] = FBI HAT 1L$ very good looking hat                                          Hoodie by [VOID] = Camo Hoodie just 1L$                                                 pants by !LooP! = FREE Group gift  saddle pants comes in 5 coloers  the group is free to join