Tuesday, August 19, 2014

POST# 669 District 5 New Mesh Glasses From -Luckie- / District 5 New Mesh Covert Hoodie/Mask From SwaggedOut / New Mesh Pipe Weed From [NikotiN] / THE BLUES HUNT New Facial Hair From {Fe Style} / New Skin From -NIVARO- / New Mesh Cargo's From ::LikeA::

Hair By Unorthodox - Nipsey Braids Fudge

Skin By -NIVARO- - Ichero Skin - creamtone ~*NEW*~

Facial Hair By {Fe Style} - Facial Hair 9ED -1 -THE BLUES HUNT - Aug. 1-30, 20 ~*NEW*~
For all Hint's & LM'S http://depravednation.com/archives/event/the-blues

Tattoo By Speakeasy :: - Torn Believer tat (unisex) ~*NEW*~ 

Glasses By -Luckie- - Nerdie Glasses [Raver] { Find it at District 5 } ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~
Unlimited Tints Frames & Lenses Hide & Show Nerd Tape Resizer
3 Different Color Style's [Raver][Clubber][Kiddos]
Try the Demo you will love them

Pipe By [NikotiN]  -  Pipe Weed (Wood) RARE ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Hoodie By SwaggedOut - Covert Hoodie/Mask BLACK ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~
Find it at { Find it at District 5 }

Cargo By ::LikeA:: - DENIM LIGHT BLUE BKH303 cargo(MALE) ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Shoes By (epia) - Sweet Kicks  ~*MESH*~








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