Friday, July 18, 2014

POST# 654 Bro Couture Opens on the 20th New Skin Shape EyeBrows Shape Facial Hair & Slink Hand & Feet APPLIERS ~ TMD the mens dept New mesh Cargo Shorts From ::LikeA:: ~ New Tattoo From Speakeasy ::

Speakeasy :: Jessie Skin Ivory { Find it at Bro Couture Opens on the 20th } ~*NEW*~ 
( Items Use  Jessie Shape, Hyper chin strap,Jessie Brows 2,Jessie Skin Ivory,Thin strap )
 come with With
1- Slink AvEnhance Jessie FEET
2- Slink AvEnhance Jessie HANDS
3- Thin strap
4- Hyper chin strap
5- Chin Strap
6- Jessie Brows 2
7- Jessie Shape
8-  Jessie Skin Ivory

Hand By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) Hand R - OnHip  ~*MESH*~

Hand By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) Hand L - 3Fingers  ~*MESH*~

Hair Base By Unorthodox - Jhene Hair Base Black
if your a Male in sl you will find this to be the best hair Base you can get I use it with hairs that come with hair bases I find this makes for a way better look 

Tattoo By Speakeasy :: - Fuk the system Tat ~*NEW*~ 
applier For Slink, system Boob, Phat azz/cute,

Necklace By DECO - MESH Rebel Necklace (silver)  ~*MESH*~

Cargo Shorts By ::LikeA:: - DENIM BLUE BKH303 cargo { Find them at TMD the mens dept } ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~ Included with 5 Belt Colors , 5 Boxser Briefs Colors , 15 Different Style's and if you got any of LikeA high quality Mesh Pants you Know your getting the best [ Try the Demo ] you will love them

Shoes By DECO - MESH Classic Sneaks (white)  ~*MESH*~


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