Thursday, June 19, 2014

POST# 636 Bro Couture event opens on the 20th New mesh backpacks From Speakeasy :: ~ New Dallas Shape From Fa Tru ~ SHE & HIM New Facial Hair From {Fe Style} ~ New Mesh Vest From kal rau ~ Suicide Dollz Event New Tattoo From Speakeasy ::

Bro Couture facebook For More info

Bro Couture this event opens on the 20th and ends the 15th

the backpacks have a very cool look to them with the Spikes will work for any look

Speakeasy :: Back2 School Leather [Find it at Bro Couture ] ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Speakeasy :: Back2 School Camo Leather [Find it at Bro Couture ] ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Speakeasy :: Back2 School Floral [Find it at Bro Couture ] ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Glasses By {theosophy} - Monmouth Glasses (Coal)
I love any thing that looks 50's cool in they work good for trying to look like a bad ass Dork :D

Face Tattoo By REPULSE - Clawed Eye Face Tattoo
I look all over the store & marketplace but did not see it for sale you may can ask the Store Owner about it

Facial Hair By {Fe Style} - Facial Hair - 8ED/4 [ Find it at SHE & HIM ]
you will Find 6 Facial Hair At SHE & HIM From Fe Style one for just about any look I like the rockabilly greaser at times end the Facial Hair From {Fe Style} can make any one in to a cool Cat

Shape By Fa Tru .. Dallas Shape - Style Card / Brows Shape { Find it on marketplace } ~*NEW*~
this shape works amazing with the Facial Hair from {Fe Style}

Skin By -NIVARO- - Rupert Skin - springtone - nohair_clean
 -NIVARO- Makes some of the best high quality Skins in SL is you can see with there New Rupert Skin come in 8 Skin Tones ~ 3 Bodyhair Styles ~ Bald & Hairbase ~ Skin Tones Are creamtone/darktannedtone/drowtone/ghosttone/lighttone/springtone/darktone/summertone/
[Rupert Skin - Fatpack comes with all 8 Skin Tones ~ 3 Bodyhair Styles ~ Bald & Hairbase]
{ you can get Slink Hand Skin Appliers TOO Get them here Are in World

Hands By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) Hand  R - Cigarette ~*MESH*~

Hands By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) Hand  L - Relax  ~*MESH*~
if your  a male in SL in your trying to look your best will Slink the way to go there hands & Feet Are the best in SL I Keep my Slink Hands on 24/7 lol just about all Skin store & tattoo Stores have Appliers for them

Tattoo By Speakeasy ::  - Keeper of time tat [ Find it at Suicide Dollz Event ]
This Tattoo go all the way up the Neck in looks f*&king Bad ass going Down to the hands
Its Speakeasy ::  so you no its a high quality Tattoo

Hair By Action Mesh Hair -  Joe Veganic  ~*MESH*~
HUD Packs each include 24 hair textures. Overdose includes all packs that's 120 textures on one HUD, INCLUDES .Un-Rigged Mesh Hair .Standard +/- Resizable (Can be Resized To Petite)
.Hair Base 04 In Platinum, Mocha & Crow .HUD For Hair Textures .MOD/COPY .Free Updates
there not a lot I can say about this Hair its just Cool I so like its Un-Rigged Mesh Hair so that I can move it

Bracelet By Vexiin - KILO Bracelet ~*MESH*~
Comes in 5 Metals Hud Controlled Gold,Silver,Rose Gold other Metals
Full Bright On/Off  Resizable
I Love wearing high quality Gold & Silver Jewelry end that way I Wear Vexiin Jewelry

Vest By kal rau -Vest Collection M2 Dark ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~
the Vest comes with the Tee the cool thing is you can just wear the Vest are the Tee end its By kal rau so you no its high quality Mesh come in 6 Colors { But if you get the Fullpack 9 Colors the Fullpack comes with 3 Exclusive Colors }

Pants By kal rau - Casual Chino_Grey ~*MESH*~
 Casual Chino come in 10 Colors Blue-Dark-Orange-Striped 01-Striped 02-Grey-Red-Yellow-Kaki-Plaid in you can see they have one hell of a good fit
3 Sizes 2 Belt options Suspender Suspender  and Belt customizable by HUD 100% Mesh you will not see any one in SL with Pants like this they are a Exclusive design by Kal Rau [ FULLPACK comes with all 10 Colors with Belt & Suspender options ]


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