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POST# 593 the Skin Fair 2014! Preview New >> Aeros Avatar Teghran << 2014a ~ New mesh American Officer Formal At (epia) ~ New Mesh Garrison Hat At (epia) ~ New Mesh Shoes At [Deadwool]


Skin ~ Shape ~ Eyes By Aeros ~ >> Aeros Avatar Teghran << 2014a ~*NEW*~
~ Find this at { the Skin Fair 2014! } 
6 skins ~ 2 eye Brows ~ 4 beards ~ 2 Hair Bases ~ 5 Shapes ~ 3 sets of eyes ~ 1 kohl eyeliner
{ the Skin Fair 2014! } March 14th-30th [ for more info go to https://skinfair.wordpress.com/ ]

Hair By Unorthodox ~ Usher Mohawk Black

Hands By Slink ~ Male Hands (AvEnhance) -L Hand  - Relax ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Hands By Slink ~ Male Hands (AvEnhance) - R Hand  - Cigarette ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Jetpack By (epia) - Smash Jetpack V1.0 ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~
The features include: 
• 9 skin colors. You can change the outer tanks seperately from the main part.
• Power toggle button. This will activate/deactivate your jetpack.
• Resize options. Easily re-sizable by menu.
• Full functionality; Tap page up to go up in the air, and press page down to ground smash (while you are in mid-air).

Hat By (epia) ~ Garrison Hat ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

The Garrison Hat comes with the following features: 
♦ Fully menu-controllable. Simply left-click to open up. 
♦ 7 colors/textures: Black, Grey, Green, Navy, Olive, Red, Tan. 
♦ 3D modeled to fit. 
♦ Re-sizable by both menu and manually.  

Officer Formal By (epia) ~ American Officer Formal GREENPACK ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

The American Officer Formal comes with the following features: 
♦ Fully menu-controllable. Simply type "/1changeformal" in local chat to open it up. 
♦ Loads of customization! The color packs include the option to change the undershirt to 7 colors (black/blue/brown/gray/green/red/white) , and the buttons to 3 colors (gold/silver/black), but with the masterpack you are able to individually change the jacket and pants/skirt to 6 colors(black/blue/brown/gray/green/red) aswell! 
♦ Pants/Skirt can be taken off by menu for those who have other replacing bottom mesh clothing. 
♦ 3D modeled to fit. Comes in 3 sizes (S/M/L) along with several alpha layers. 
♦ Material maps included.

Shoes By [Deadwool] ~ Klaus shoes - Black

* 100% original mesh
* 4 rigged sizes
* Male & female vers. included
* non-rigged vers. included (with resizer script)


Bunkbed By (epia) ~ Army Bunkbed

This Army Bunkbed comes with the following features: 
- 11 single animations. 
- Ability to be seated on with 2 avatars, both using the same pose menu. (Keep in mind not to both use the same animation) 
- Only 4 prims. 100% mesh.
Lockers By (epia) ~ Locker (Group Auth. Givers)

1) Rezz your locker and set it to the group you want to have access.
2) Drop in the contents that you want the locker to give out on left-click (to those wearing the correct group tag). Make sure these contents are permed the way you want them to be for the next owner, and that you have them transferable.
3) If you want floating text, go to the object's description in edit mode, and type whatever you want it to say. For example: US NAVY\nARMY GUN. (The "\n" acts as the button "Enter" on your keyboard and separates the lines.)
4) If you have used step 3, you have to reset the scripts afterwards. Right click your locker > "edit", then go to the "Build" button at the top of your screen: "Build" > "Scripts" > "Reset Scripts."





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