Wednesday, February 26, 2014

POST# 586 [ Zombie Killer Post ] New Duty Core Essentials HUD At (epia) with C4 Explosive,Barbed Wire,AP Mine,AT Mine,Barricade, and More - New Mesh PPSh-41 "Shpagin" At (epia) - New mesh Mask At (epia) - New mesh Crotch Shield At (epia) - New mesh Boat At StoraxTree - New SLink Hands & Feet Appliers For all Prodigal Skins

  Hud  (epia) - Duty Core Essentials HUD 

The items use in post C4 Explosive,Barbed Wire,AP Mine,AT Mine,Barricade, ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~
the  D.C.E. HUD of Every Pixel Is Art, also known as the Duty Core Essentials HUD, is one of our most handy tools to use during SL (Linden Damage) Combat. It comes with many features, as listed below. Most of them have a gesture that comes along with it, make sure to activate these for easier use of your D.C.E. HUD. Keep in mind that this HUD's features does not do damage if Linden Damage is not enabled on the parcel/region you are in. It will still create pretty explosion effects, though!
♦ Information Button - Click this button to receive this Help notecard. 
♦ Barbed Wire (20 HP / 25% Damage) 
♦ Barricade (100 HP) 
♦ Tripmine (Sticky mine with a trip-beam that adjust out to 15m via Raycast. 15 AT <- Stand in front of a flat wall to place) 
♦ Anti-Personnel Mine (Large radius / Low armor damage, 15 AT) 
♦ Anti-Tank Mine (Small radius / high armor damage, 30 T) 
♦ C4 Explosion (Remote-detonated explosive, 15 AT) 
♦ Grenades (Frag, 3s Timed Frag, Flashbang, Thermite, Smoke nades) 
♦ Dodgeroll toggle button. (Dodgeroll works forwards, backwards, and sideways) 
♦ Collision Detector toggle button. 
♦ Cleanup Command (Type "/90cleanup" to detonate all mines and c4 within the sim.) 
♦ Full set of mesh tools, quality textures, sounds and particles.

Boat By StoraxTree - Home Craftsman Decor A ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

hair By Unorthodox - Steelo Dreads Black  ~*MESH*~
Skin By * Prodigal * -  Koh - Skin & Shape - (SLink Hands Appliers)

Shape By * Prodigal *  Koh - shape 01

Hand & Feet Appliers - Koh ( SLink Hands & Feet Appliers ) Find it on marketplace ~*NEW*~ 

Hands By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) -L Hand  - Relax ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Hands By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) - R Hand  - Cigarette ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Tattoo By [Ner .Ink] - Tattoo Hard To Kill    - SLink Hands Appliers 

Gun By (epia) - PPSh-41 "Shpagin" ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

The PPSh-41 Machine Pistol comes with the following features: 
♦ Fully command based. Use the given gestures in combination with chat channel commands to operate your machine pistol. 
♦ 2 gun skins: Rust and Clean. 
♦ 2 firemodes: auto and semi.(Both do 100% damage per bullet in Linden Damage Combat) 
♦ 2 magazine types: Drum (71 rounds) and Stick (35 rounds) 
♦ High quality model, textures, animations, sounds, effects, and particles. 
♦ Listening channel can be set to your preference. 
♦ Comes with back slung model. 
♦ Changeable bullet velocity. 
♦ Reliable melee included. 
♦ Idle animation is toggle-able. 
♦ 3 bullet rezz position options. 
♦ Resizable by command. 
Mask By (epia) - Operator Mask  ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~ [ Find it on marketplace ]
The Operator Mask comes with the following features:
♦ Fully menu-controllable. Type /1changemask in local chat to make the dialog pop up.
♦ Mask can be toggled between covering and uncovering mouth/nose. (See menu > UP/DOWN)
♦ 15 color/texture options.
♦ 3D modeled to fit. (Rigged).
♦ 2 sizes included. 

Crotch Shield By (epia) - Plate Carrier (w/Crotch Shield) ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~

Jeans By DECO - MESH His Jeans (black) ~*MESH*~ [ find it on marketplace ]
Boots By DECO - MESH His Showdown Boots (dirt/coal)  ~*MESH*~  

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